Superior cleaning results begin
with superior products.  Ladybug
Window Cleaning uses a
state-of-the-art, biodegradable,
non-hazardous window cleaning
solution designed specifically for
the window cleaning industry.  The
solution has a neutral pH (not
acidic or basic), and contains no
ammonia or phosphates, which
means it is gentle on surfaces it
contacts.  Water softening and
wetting agents are also present in
the solution we use,  producing
superb cleaning results.
We wash and rinse screens as
part of our standard window
cleaning service.
What good is a clean window
with a dusty screen?
As part of our interior service, we
vacuum interior window tracks to
remove bugs, dust, and other
debris that build up in your tracks
over time.  Our exterior service
includes sill and track brushing.
We use protective shoe
covers to help protect your
flooring surfaces!
Standard window cleaning will
not remove such things as
mineral deposits, paint, and
stickers.  Our field
representatives will examine
your glass and inform you of
additional services we can
perform that may help your
glass look new again.
Dusty fan blades?  High
ceiling light full of bugs?
Ladybug Window Cleaning
representatives arrive at a job
site with all kinds of equipment
for reaching high windows, so
we can perform these
services for a reasonable
additional charge.
Ladybug Window Cleaning, Tucson, Arizona
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